A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order…”   Jean-Luc Godard



I try to follow that advise everytime I create a new movie. It helps me be more creative, look at the challenge in a new perspective and help you as my client, get a unique tailored made movie specially designed just for you.


My-Video is a boutique movie studio that provides creative solutions for individuals who wish to create a unique souvenir for their loved ones.


Years of experience, together with the ability to listen, be creative and understand the customer's needs are key elements in our work.


I started my creative journey as an inquisitive boy who loved to film, edit, paint, create.

I was always moved by the magic of filmaking. Watching moments of our lives connect together to create a new and unexpected story.


I studied Film and Television at the Tel Aviv University Film School, and ever since have worked as a film director and editor in the film industry.


Over the years I have accumulated extensive working experience as a creative partner for dozens of projects in Israel and abroad. Among other things, editing of prime time TV shows such as "Traffic Light" and "With This Ring", animated films for kids, promos, corporate films and many documentary movies.


I have founded my own studio MY-Video, 10 years ago. I collaborate with a wide variety of excellent professionals, chosen according to the needs of each project. We work in a homely atmosphere, giving personal attention to each costumer and creating high-quality yet affordable professional movies.


It will be my pleasure to advise and hopefully create your next movie !